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Here is a sampling of the projects we have done in the last few years...


Jenkinsville Radium Removal: We built a shed, installed piping and valves, installed radioactive removal filtering equipmet, and added relays to the well VSD controls.


Fairfax Lift Station Renovation: We added a manhole, bipassed the lift station, cleaned and lined the wet well, installed new pumps, installed new controls, and added generators to two lift stations.


Allendale Waste Water Treatment Plant Repairs: We built a new wall around an aerator basin, replaced a motor in a bar screen, replaced motors in the aerators, and replaced two 30HP pumps.


Dillon Waste Water Treatment Plant Repairs: We removed an old 150 ft bridge and aerators, and replaced them with a new bridge and new aerators. This project included a new electrical transformer, new feeder wires, new panel boxes, new conduit, and electrical upgrades to the south side of the plant.


Town of Lexington Sewer Line Stabilization: We removed the dirt on top of an existing sewer line that had settled throughout a neighborhood. Work included replacing sidewalks, driveways, streets, landscaping, etc. The job was difficult due to the many other utlities buried throughout the jobsite.


Town of Winnsboro Chlorine Dioxide System: We poured a pad, installed a water line, tapped large water lines, and installed a Chlorine Dioxide system that included two small buildings and a large tank.


Town of Barnwell Landfill Building Demolition: We removed a building that was damaged by a tornado.


Town of Mullins Storm Water Drain: We installed a 24 inch storm water drainage pipe.


USS Yorktown Oil/Water Removal: We removed 60,000 gallons of oil/water from the USS Yorktown.

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