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Field Lines

Field lines allow the water coming out of the tank time to drain into the soil. The amount of field lines depends on the size of the home, number of people, soil types, and land formation. Many times older homes have clay pipe systems that have crumbled or roots have grown into the system. Other systems that have not been pumped regularly can have the field lines filled with solids. Often due to the expense of repairs, home owners pump the system over and over. This helps for a few weeks or a few days, but the problem returns.

Traditionally field lines were constructed of black corrugated pipe, laid in a bed of gravel. These systems are still used in special cases, but two newer systems have been used for the past twenty years. These are the EZ Flow system, corrugated pipe surrounded by Styrofoam peanuts, and the Infiltrator system, plastic semicircle chambers. Both of these systems are cheaper than gravel systems, and allow for a 2/3 reduction in trench length.

Working with DHEC, we design and install septic systems. We charge for the design work, and we are not cheap! Call us for pumping or design work, 803-238-2711.

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